New Bike Day

The Sheriff has a new ride. It is a Torelli Corsa Pista. Torelli imports the bare frames from Italy and paints them in California. The frame has an interesting design in that the bottom bracket is lugged, the seat stays are brazed on while the remainder of the frame is welded. Deda supplied the double butted tubing which is drawn out to a .5 millimeter thickness in areas.
Riding this bike makes me feel like an eight year-old kid again. It is such a simple, pure type of riding.


Awareness Test

From the Dave Moulton blog: (Excellent blog & Post)
London Transport is a huge government agency that runs all public transport in the City of London. The Underground (Subway) system and those familiar red double-decker buses are London Transport.

They also view bicycles as a genuine form of transport, and have put out this wonderful video. View the whole thing, including the intro; it is quite short.

Turn your sound on and 

My thanks to the Maltese Falcon for bringing this to my attention.


Baylis Track Bike for sale on Ebay...

OMG this is awesome!!!


Really looking forward to the next Alley Cat. I'm sure you guys have been racking your brains trying to think of a new theme or challenge for the next one. What if we just did the same thing? Maybe add another shop to the mix or a new challenge...like an out of the way check-in that is not associated with a shop? Sign in at the cannon on Altamont, for instance...or pound a pint at bottle tree? 


What a rush!

Nineteen intrepid souls braved near whiteout conditions Saturday morning to participate in what may have been the first ever Birmingham Alley Cat.
The first four finishers, all on fixed gears, rolled in with times under one hour and were followed shortly thereafter by four geared compatriots.
Route selection proved critical with three of the top four finishers going clockwise: O'Henrys, Urban Standard then Crestwood Coffee. Regardless of the direction traveled, which way to get over the ridge between BBC and Crestwood posed a problem. A few people, Jerry and Sarah, went by Trinity Hospital, single speed I might add, while Jonathan and Mike did the 10% quarter mile up 56th St. from Crestwood and then finished off the ridge by climbing an even steeper pitch at 58th St.
We've already started thinking about the next alley cat. Let us know what you liked.
Please be sure to let the alley cat's sponsors know how much you appreciate their support. This could not have happened without them. Sponsors include: Crestwood Coffee, Urban Standard, O'Henrys Homewood, Open Door Cafe and Courtland Bibb.


We're still running it . . . don't forget the snowshoes!

The Alley Cat is still on and will begin at 11:00 as scheduled.


Two more volunteers needed

Almost everything is set for this Saturday. We are still looking for two people to step forward and volunteer to man a sign in station. Give Mike or Tim a call at the shop if you can help out. We'll need your services for an hour and a half at most.