Why you should buy from a local bike shop...

I recently found this on the terms and conditions page of a on-line discounter of bicycles, parts and accessories (typos corrected)...

Returns & Order Cancellations: In trying to keep our prices low, we do not accept any returns for any reason. We don't want your items back, that's why we sold it to you. Please confirm that you know you want before you order it. If you have any doubt about what you are ordering, do not place an order. You may contact us for pre-sales information about any item if you need more clarifications before you buy it. If you accidentally placed an order and we have not processed it yet, we will gladly cancel the order and refund your moneys. Once an order has been processed you cannot receive a refund for any reason.

Warranties:If you buy something and it breaks, don't complain to us because we didn't make it. Please contact the manufacturer of the item for all warranty questions. We only stock and sell items we believe in and try to carry only the very best items, but sometimes even the best stuff breaks. Please let us know if you are unhappy with a specific item as we would like to know, but please direct all warrant claims directly to the manufacturer of the item.

Wow! I guess that's why stuff is discounted, because they have NO customer service. Buyer beware of any retailer that says up front that they won't help no matter what!


Holiday Sale starts Nov. 23rd!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Chanukah & Merry Christmas!
The holiday season is upon us and it is time to start shopping for the cyclist on your list. Come shop our holiday sale starting on Monday, November 23rd through Saturday, December 5th! Whether this is your first bike or your hundredth, Birmingham Bicycle Company has something to fit your needs. We stock bicycles and accessories for the beginner rider, the casual neighborhood fitness rider and mountain and road bikes for every level.

  • Save 10% to 40% on in-stock bicycles including NEW arrivals & kids bikes!
  • Save 10% to 40% on cycling clothing!
  • Save 15% on all parts & accessories!

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the cyclist that has everything? Why not buy them a gift certificate and let them decide. Gift certicates can be purchased in any amount and are good for anything we sell including service and labor.

We offer Christmas layaway and we will store your Christmas purchases until Christmas Eve! Stop by the shop for details!


Birmingham Bicycle League Season Opener!

A message from Darryl Seelhorst- "Well it's here! The BBL starts up on Saturday November 14th. We will kick off the ride from BBC at 9 am. Now you get to enjoy some great long, cold Fall and Winter rides along with my poor grammar and punctuation. This year Terry Duran, Brian Toone and I have really put some details into the rides. We have an all new point system that is weighted heavier for all category ride to be a threat overall. The higher your CAT ranking, the harder it is to win big points therefore a great day by a CAT 3 or 5 or an unranked rider could result in them taking the lead in the points series. We will also have "Attack Zone" dedicated to just the CAT 3,4,5 and unranked, it's you guys chance to battle it out! We will also have a Climber and Sprinters jersey to sport. Team Tria's web site will support all the details of the rides. From Brian's great maps of the rides and "Attack Zone's" to ride starts and points leaders etc... Again this year we will roll most of the rides from the Starbuck in Irondale at 9 am. Novembers rides are just a soft roll to explore new routes and easy into the some dynamics of group riding. We will began the points in December. Hopefully we will have all the "Attack Zones" marked and understood. This series is a lot more than any winter miles or points for winning. It's too grow the sport of "RIDING". We all love the outdoors and cycling is a love we can embrace though this community. We want all types of cyclist. Roadies, Tri Guy's, Newbies etc.. People who want to meet other people and learn to ride safely in groups. When I started riding four years ago, I couldn't hardly find anyone to ride with me and I was intimidated most of the group rides I found. Plus Jim Brock beat my eyes in the ground when I rode with him!!! This is everyones chance to learn and grow. And we all know riding in groups is much much safer than riding alone. So please find me emails of interest folks and forward to me or spread the word yourself.
This year already we have had Birmingham Bicycle Company (BBC) Birmingham Bicycle Company step up as a sponsor of our first ride. We will have over 500.00 of cycling gear to raffle off as well as free lunch. But BYOB your beer!"

More info at: http://www.bhamvelo.com/blog/?page_id=516!

Sloss Cross 2009

Thanks to all the fine folks that came out to the Sloss Cross at Sloss Furnace on Sunday November 8th. There was a great turn out, the racing was very fast and the weather was outstanding. Birmingham Bicycle Co. is still in a commanding lead in the team competition and Will Fyfe and Dave McNeil are a force onto themselves. You can check out pictures of the race from our awesome Jamis Bicycles rep, Margo Carroll, on Flickr . You should also go to http://www.bamacross.com/ for all the poop on cross racing here in Alabama and to get an up-date on your points standings!


Birmingham Bicycle Co. Premium Shop Services

Introducing Birmingham Bicycle Co. Valet Service!

We are proud to announce the start of our Valet Pick-up and Delivery Service. Is your schedule too tight to make it to the bike shop for much needed service? Is the shop on the wrong side of town to make it in on a regular basis? Let us help! We will come to your house or place of business and pick your bike up, complete the needed service or repair and then return it to you in 24 hours in most cases. The BBC Valet service costs $30.00 plus the cost of the repair and parts. Valet service is available Monday thru Saturday and we work around your schedule.

Premium services include:

  • Professional Tune-ups and repair work
  • Wheel Truing and Spoke replacement
  • Bike Wash and Detailing
  • Tubular Glueing
  • Includes Road and Mountain bikes

The service area is limited to the Birmingham Metro area and surrounding communities (sorry Tuscaloosa). Please give us a call for complete details and to make your appointment.

Cyclocross Crazy? You should be....

We are all gear heads around here and with cyclocross season in full swing there is a ton of really sweet equipment rolling around turning everyone's head. This bike is a real head turner; a wicked 2010 Colnago Cross Prestige w/ SRAM Rival. The bike built up at 16 lbs/15oz. sans pedals.
The specs: Colnago Cross Prestige frame/fork and seat post, FSA intergrated headset, Deda Zero 100 White handle bar and stem, SRAM Rival drivetrain, Pro Logo Nago Gel saddle, Mavic Ksyrium SL wheel set, Stans Raven 700 x35c cross tryes. Without a dought this is one pimpin' machine!


Do you wear your helmet?

Bicycle injuries in U.S. becoming more severe.

By Anthony J. Brown, MD
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Bicycle injuries in the US have become more severe and there has been a marked increase in chest and stomach injuries.
Moreover, despite greater public awareness, helmet use has not increased and head injury rates have not fallen.
"There is a paucity of studies looking specifically at bicycle injuries," lead researcher Dr. Jeffry Kashuk, from the University of Colorado, Denver, told Reuters Health. In the last several years, greater environmental awareness, economic downturns, an emphasis on fitness, and other factors have fueled greater bicycle use in the US.


Are we missing something?

Italians Sell 57,000 Bikes in 5 Days with Incentive Scheme.

ROME, Italy - The second EcoIncentive Bike Promotion by the Italian Ministry of Environment has proved again to be very successful to get people cycling. Just two hours after the start of the bike buying incentive scheme already 2,000 bicycles were sold. After five days the budget of € 7.6 million was spend on 57,000 bicycles. More...



The Make a Wish Ride for Wishes 2009 is in the books. Almost 180 cyclist helped to raise over $50,000 to grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions. This is enough money to grant 7 wishes, changing the lives of those great kids forever. Thanks to all riders and volunteers and awesome folks at the Make a Wish foundation especially John Sweeney, he is the heart and soul of this ride. Big thanks to all. This is our team The Seekers. Looking forward to 2010!!!!


Tour of Missouri - Stage 7

Moto 1. Final day. A technical circuit race around Kansas City. The circuit was 10.3 miles with 20 turns and a couple of steep pitches, 7 laps for the race. All the teams who haven't won a stage were looking for glory so the pace was high from the gun. I did a front wheel change early in the race. Fronts are easy, so this one was pretty smooth. Got off the moto to do another change but the team mechanic had made his way to the rider so I deferred to him. Late in the race, I did a rear wheel change. [These are a bit trickier, especially this year. The first thing is to determine whether the team is Campy or Shimano or SRAM. Fortunately, most of the Campy teams were running 11 speed, but this had to be confirmed. All this is done as you are running up to the rider (after jumping off the moto that you've been sitting on for the last 2+ hours). Then you have to pick the correct wheel out of the two rears you've been carrying this whole time. Oh yeah, then get it in the bike and make sure the brake is still lined up.] This change was fairly smooth, although, the wheel was gapped a little wide for the dropouts and took some tightening.

A break sort of established itself. They never got more than a minute and it was short lived. The rest of the race was relentless attacking with Garmin trying to defend the lead. The peloton was single file most of the day. Riders started poppinng on the steep pitches and fading back. The crowds were pretty heavy around most of the course. A Planet Energy rider took the sprint, giving validation to their last minute invitation. Dave Z took the overall, Thor the sprint jersey, Chavez the climbing jersey, Cataldo the young rider's jersey, and Saxo nabbed some intermediate time bonuses to take the team prize by a slim margin over Bissell.


Tour of Missouri - Stage 6

Moto 2. Out in front again. Unfortunately, the pack was so animated that no breaks stuck. Followed Tom Murphy for about 15 minutes and a break of 2 riders for about 3 minutes. The rest of the day was spent staring at the bumper of Charlie 6 (the state patrol car at the head of the race caravan). Fortunately, the animated pack made this the fastest day to date. The average speed was just under 30 mph.

Last year's final stage winner (Chichi) took the stage today but no change in the overall.

Tour of Missouri - Stage 5

Individual TT. Usually pretty boring stuff for neutral support. Go out in the middle of no where, set up a pit with wheels and bikes, watch the riders go by one at a time, pack up, and go home. Which is exactly what happened. No services from my pit. The only thing the Mavic crew did was shorten some aerobars and tape a magnet.

Dave Z ripped up the TT and took the stage and the jersey. My pick for the stage ended a respectable 3rd (Tom Zirbel).


Tour of Missouri - Stage 4

Moto 1. Another break went away today. Although, I was behind the main peloton and didn't get to see any of it. The break got caught before we came into Jefferson City for the finishing circuits. JJ Haedo took the stage and the jersey.

A little excitement today as I did the first wheel change for Mavic for this race. There was also a crash in the final 3k. Being moto 1, we wove through the wreckage and stayed with the group. The other Mavic cars stopped to help sort out the mess.

Tour of Missouri - Stage 3

Moto 2 today. Fortunately, a 3 man break established itself at mile 9. So, we rode with them all day (or most of it anyway). The break got caught within the final 5k. I didn't think they had a chance of staying away, but was hoping they would and I'd actually get to see a finish. Another quiet day on the road for Mavic, no services.

Finished coming into Rolla. I think the steep little pitches in Missouri are catching a lot of these pros off guard. They seem to be suffering a bit. Columbia couldn't quite control the run in with all the ups and down. Thor was able to take the stage and the jersey.


Tour of Missouri - Stage 2

Rode moto 1 today. This moto stays with the main peloton. It's a little more nerve racking since you are always on call (moto 2 you can ease a bit when the peloton is all together). Plus you have to watch out for riders and cars while they are feeding. It's pretty much a mad house at the back of the peloton.

I did make a couple of dismounts. Thor dropped a chain but had it back on and was under way by the time we got to him. Another rider had a flat that I was about to change, but his team car was there and took over. Pretty slow change and they had to fish the dead wheel out of the weeds down a pretty steep slope. I'm assuming they got it. If not someone ended up with a Dura-Ace carbon rear wheel as a souvenir.

Had a quick chat with Jens. He came up and asked if I would be holding the spare wheels all day. Told him I would and he made reference to me being the strongest man in the world. He was rolling along saying hay to the teams cars as he made his way back up to the peloton. A class act if there ever was one.

Tour of Missouri - Stage 1

Rode moto 2 today. This (and Mavic 2) are the moto and car that cover breaks that go. Followed the 3 man break for most of the day. No services. The only real excitement was when we decided to trade some paint with Mavic 2. I thought I was about to get a matching set of bruised hips. But thanks to the mad skills of Rob Love (the moto driver), he kept it upright and me off the ground.

The break eventually got caught, which meant we moved ahead of the field and were deviated at the finish. The only downside to working Mavic is you don't get to see too many of the finishes. Since we were ahead of the peloton we didn't see any of the closing k's carnage.

Hip felt good, although, I didn't have to do any quick dismounts...


Tour of Missouri

Tour of Missouri...Working with Mavic again this year. Got into St. Louis on Saturday and went straight to work. First order of business was cleaning the old stickers off the Cosmic Ultimates so we could put the new stickers on.

Sunday was a casual breakfast at Union Station. Some of us decided to jump in and race the Giro della Montagna (Tour of the Hill - the Hill is an Italian neighborhood in St. Louis). This race has been going on for 20+ years and I raced it a few times in college. The course, however, was slightly different than when I raced it. The uphill finish was now down hill.

I decided to liven things up and took a flier about 18 minutes into the race. I managed to get a pretty good gap and got a shout out from the announcer. Unfortunately, I didn't take into account the bike/tire combination I wasn't familiar with and the ripples in the pavement in turn 1. Bam. Hit the deck. Took my free lap and jumped back in. Finished the lap with the pack.

Tomorrow will be the real test. Getting on and off the motto with a strawberry on the hip may make life interesting. More to come...


2009 Vuelta a Espana on your computer!

We are four stages into this years edition of the Tour of Spain and looks like another exciting race. If you have not found a website on the internet to watch the race yet, here are our two favorites.
1. Universal Sports.com: the coverage is excellent and there are NO ads. You can actually watch the race develop and not have to endure all of the silly VS. video montages. Plus if you want to pay ($9.95) there are all manner of stats that you can watch relating to your favorite rider or teams.
2. Steephill.tv: this site provides you with more info than you can believe and links to live feeds from all over the world. You can watch the coverage in Flemish if you want to. Check it out!



Ride For Wishes is a two-day cycling event in Orange Beach, Alabama the weekend of October 2-4, 2009. The event will feature riding distances for all levels of cyclist- from a 17 mile fun loop to a true Century ride. Plenty of rest stops, great fellowship, nightly activities at the Wharf and the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast are all reasons to make this year's Ride For Wishes a trip for the entire family. All of the money raised through your fundraising efforts will support the wish-granting efforts in the state of Alabama.


• Learn about our 2 day Bike Ride this fall in Orange Beach!
• Sign up and Register to Ride for Make-A-Wish!
• Meet fellow Riders and enjoy a night of food and fun at Blackwell’s Pub!
• $2 Pints

Not a Rider??
Come learn about Great Volunteer Opportunities as well!

5:30pm – 8:00pm (Come and Go)

3151 Green Valley Road, Birmingham, AL 35243



Tour de France on a computer near you...

With the start of the Tour de France only days away, racing junkies are re-shuffling their schedules to watch the biggest of the Grand Tours. Most of us will be watching the live coverage on our TV's and watching the Versus channel. You can check out the broadcast schedule at http://www.versus.com/cyclysm. If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous and possibly want to see what the coverage is like in Italy you have a choice. Go to http://www.steephill.tv/tour-de-france/ and check out all the links they have!


Scott Introduces 2010 Line-up!

The Scott CR1 ushered in the ultralight carbon road bike wars just a few years ago but with Addict now running the show it has been retasked for 2010 to cater to a more relaxed audience. First and foremost is a softened ride quality in contrast to the original's occasionally harsh personality courtesy of so-called 'Scott Dampering System' seat stays and chain stays.
According to Scott, the flattened sections in the stays allow much more wheel movement over road irregularities than before – up to 2mm in fact depending on the weight of the rider and how hard the bump is hit. Though not suspension in the strict sense, Scott still expects that SDS's added cush will appeal to older or more casual riders looking for a racy-looking machine that is still comfortable over the long haul. More...


Walter Crash Update!

I wanted to give everyone an update on Walter (the BBC shop cat) after his crash with the bicycle on Saturday morning. He is resting comfortably at our house in Homewood and appears to be on the mend. He ended up with two sutures just above his left eye and bunch of bruises. The awesome vet at Oxmore Animal Clinic said that the wound on his head was quite deep and he is lucky he didn’t lose his eye. She had to sedate Walter while stitching him up and gave him a through physical examination for broken bones etc…and it looks like he lucked out and is just all bruised up. He is noticeably tender but he is not limping. The area around his eye was quite swollen and painful looking yesterday (Sunday) but the swelling has gone down overnight and looks a little better. Overall he is a tough and extra luck cat that probably used up one of his nine lives.
I want to say thanks to all the folks that helped out and took care of him after his crash. It was your quick action that keep him from getting hurt worse. I plan to bring Walter back to the shop after he gets his stitches out and gets clean bill of health from the vet.


Ride for Wishes training ride and rider registration, Saturday June 6th at 9:00am!

This training ride leaves from the parking lot at Birmingham Bicycle Company at 9:00am on Saturday June 6th and will feature 20 and 35 mile options. Post-ride food and drink will be provided. Representitives from the local Make-a-Wish Foundation chapter will be on hand and ready answer any questions you have and will help you sign up for the ride in October. Please come by and see what a difference you can make in the life of a child. The training ride is free to everyone!
October 3-4 2009: The Ride For Wishes 2009 is a two-day cycling event that will feature riding distances for all levels of cyclist- from a 17 mile fun loop to a true Century ride. Plenty of rest stops, great fellowship, and the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast are all reasons to make this year's Ride For Wishes a trip for the entire family. All of the money raised through your fundraising efforts will support the wish-granting efforts in the state of Alabama. For more information and to register online, please go to www.rideforwishes.com.


Tour De Blue Charity Bicycle Ride!

Urology Centers of Alabama, Birmingham Bicycle Company , ServisFirst Bank and ABC33/40 are promoting prostate cancer awareness and the importance of early detection by sponsoring a cycling event, the Tour de Blue on Saturday May 30th, 2009. This ride leaves from Birmingham Bicycle Company (BBC) at 7:30am on Saturday and meanders its way through Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair counties. The terrain is rolling with several challenging climbs. The route takes riders from the bike shop to the Logan Martin Dam and back. There will be 50, 75 and 100 mile options. All proceeds from the ride will go to the Urology Health Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible.
The Urology Health Foundation was established as a charitable organization to receive funds to help in our effort to take screening for prostate cancer across the state. Last year the Health Foundation screened 607 men in Perry, Wilcox, Marengo, Hale, Sumter, Madison and Jefferson counties. This year Urology Centers of Alabama will be adding additional sites to increase the number of screenings performed. A donation to the Urology Health Foundation will help bring screenings to those who otherwise would not have it and ultimately, because of early detection, decrease the death rate from prostate cancer in our state.
Any donation to the Urology Health Foundation will help us achieve that goal. Follow this link: http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1722914 for more information of the ride and to register for the Tour De Blue. Even if you can’t ride in the Tour de Blue you can still donate to this very worth while charity that directly serves people in your community by following this link: http://www.active.com/donate/tourdeblue.



The Pits Burg?

We grew up with the city of Pittsburg but I think the decline of the steel industry hit them harder than us. So much so that they can't even afford engines!! Check it...


Biker Compensation?!

I guess the next step is to take two 52" Penny Farthings and throw out the farthings...
Waltworks 36er - Better get in line - these are flying off the jig!!




When you are good you can do a track stand at a red light on a level road.

When you are really good you can do a track stand during a sprint race on the velodrome.

When you are the master, you can enjoy a sandwich while waiting on your next miss and out to begin.


Shimano Re-launches Ultegra.

TOKYO, Japan - The Shimano Ultegra road racing component groupset has been completely revamped to a higher level, similar to the improvements made in the new Dura-Ace 7900 series. The design of the Ultegra 6700 series is inspired by aerodynamics, with a duotone silver colour finish.
The weight of the groupset has been reduced with 151 grams compared to the previous 6600 series. The weight reduction compared with the Ultegra SL is 44 grams. The Ultegra double will be available next July and the triple together with the wheel set next September.
The new Ultegra offers a wide range of component options to suit all kinds of road cyclists, from enthusiasts to hard-core racers. More...


Armstrong perfects aero position with surgery!

During the height of his career Lance Armstrong was famous for taking every possible step to perfect his aerodynamic position on the bike because, during the Tour de France, "every second counts". Since his return to the sport, he has yet to dominate in the race against the clock. Insider sources have revealed to Cyclingnews that the American recently underwent a radical, secret surgery to alter his physique to help cheat the wind.
Following his crash in the Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, where Armstrong fractured his right collarbone, he flew back to his Austin, Texas home. Once back in Texas he had surgery – supposedly to repair the clavicle which, doctors insisted, was broken into four pieces.
Sources within the Armstrong camp explained that initial reports that the break was a single, clean fracture were true. But the seven-time Tour winner had been told he could shave seconds per kilometre off of his time trials if only his shoulders weren't so broad. The American decided that, since he faced several weeks of recovery from the broken bone anyhow, he might as well go through with a plan which would shorten both clavicles and narrow the width of his upper body. More...


  • Ride For Wishes is a two-day cycling event in Orange Beach, Alabama the weekend of October 2-4, 2009. The event will feature riding distances for all levels of cyclist- from a 17 mile fun loop to a true Century ride. Plenty of rest stops, great fellowship, nightly activities at the Wharf and the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast are all reasons to make this year's Ride For Wishes a trip for the entire family. All of the money raised through your fundraising efforts will support the wish-granting efforts in the state of Alabama.

  • Learn about our 2 day Bike Ride this fall in Orange Beach.
  • Sign up and Register to Ride for Make-A-Wish.
  • Meet fellow Riders and enjoy a night of food and fun at Blackwell’s Pub.
  • 25% off all appetizers & Various Drink Specials.
  • Not a Rider? Come learn about Great Volunteer Opportunities as well!

    5:30pm – 8:00pm

3151 Green Valley Road, Birmingham, AL 35243


Saxo Bank makes the switch from Shimano to SRAM!

Bjarne Riis' squad rode SRAM Red-equipped rigs, the Danish team having signed on as the latest to join the SRAM stable. It's a slightly unorthodox move to be changing component suppliers during the season, but SRAM has stated it will be assisting in making the transition a smooth one by helping equip all of the team's bikes in order to avoid any complications as the season heats up and the demands on technical partners increase.
The deal, the details of which were not disclosed, increases the number of ProTour teams utilising the Illinois-based company's flagship gruppo to four, with the Milram, Fuji-Servetto and Astana outfits also running Red componentary. More...

BBC is now on Facebook...are you?

We here at the Birmingham Bicycle Co. are finally joining the masses and have a Facebook page. Not only is Facebook a good way to keep up with your friends abut a great way to keep up with what's happening at the shop. Look for new product updates, reviews and the latest events happening at the shop.


10 Speed for your MTB? Oh yeah!

The official launch of SRAM's upcoming XX 2x10 mountain bike is still a solid three months off but a pair of apparent spy photos that have recently surfaced online seemingly provide an early glimpse of what's to come.
Assuming the images are real, here's what we can tell:
SRAM has been experimenting with a mountain bike version of its DoubleTap single-lever shifter for some time now: a road version is already commercially available and we spotted a prototype dedicated MTB edition on a bike belonging to SRAM test honch Greg Herbold two years ago.
XX looks to finally bring the idea to fruition on dirt with a single lever that appears to incorporate a carbon paddle co-molded around an aluminum base. We can see no mechanism for adjusting the position of the lever a la X.0 but we'd be quite surprised if it really weren't included.
Otherwise, the body is distinctly X.0-like from what we can see (the top isn't visible) and the XX shifter apparently retains the familiar two-position aluminum clamp - and thus, the same MatchMaker compatibility. More...


New Product...Bonk Breakers.

We started selling Bonk Breakers about 3 1/2 weeks ago and they have quickly become a favorite of the staff and customers. The bars come in three flavors: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter and Banana, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and they sell for $2.25 per bar. We give our customers that buy boxes (12 per box) a 15% discount. To get the low down on nutritional info and more on the company itself follow this link: http://www.bonkbreaker.com/index. We currently have all the flavors in stock. Stop by and try the "best tasting Energy Bar in the World"!


B.U.M.P. Receives $10,000 for Oak Mtn. State Park Trail

Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP)—Lake Trail, Oak Mountain State Park (Alabama)The Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP) will receive $10,000 to help build the Lake Trail in Oak Mountain State Park. Bikes Belong funds will leverage a Shelby County Grant for the project, helping BUMP to connect two sections of singletrack that are currently linked by a roadway while creating a 3-mile mountain-bike loop specifically for beginners. Oak Mountain State Park receives more than 500,000 visitors annually. More...


That's not a bike...this is a bike!

Mitch and Frank just finished their newest creation, a chopper bike with a car wheel on the rear and wait, it has gears! This is one you have to see in person to truly appreciate the workmanship. This creation has over 200 hours of work in it. Only the front wheel and crankset are store bought and unmodified. All other parts, including a very cool brake lever and brake setup, are handmade. Nice work guys!!!


Bob Strollers are Walter Approved!

Bob Joggers and Strollers are some the nicest on the market. Our most popular model is the Revolution, it allows Mom or Dad to unlock the front wheel and make it swivel for easier maneuvering in tight spots. Like all Bob products, it collapses very easily and can stand up to whatever your child throws at it. Walter here is showing just how relaxing a ride in a Bob stroller can be. BBC has access to the full line of Bob product so come by and we will be glad to help you out.


The Future of Bike Helmets?

Will this new helmet design change the attitude of bikers towards wearing helmets? It has become quite common to use a bicycle helmet when mountainbiking or road racing. There bikers prefers the functionality and safety and nobody looks puzzled any longer when somebody wears a helmets when mountainbiking or road racing.
That’s completely the opposite when people ride their City or Trekking bike. Here bike helmets have a bad image. The colours and shapes are ‘something you don’t want to be seen with’. Over the years countries that have implemented an obligation to wear a helmet when biking have shown a dramatic drop in the use of bicycles in the city and for commuting. More...


Bikers wear fruit shells to avoid helmet law.

KANO, Nigeria (Reuters) - Police in Nigeria have arrested scores of motorcycle taxi riders with dried fruit shells, paint pots or pieces of rubber tire tied to their heads with string to avoid a new law requiring them to wear helmets.
The regulations have caused chaos around Africa's most populous nation, with motorcyclists complaining helmets are too expensive and some passengers refusing to wear them fearing they will catch skin disease or be put under a black magic spell. More...

No real rivals for Rival!

Cyclingnews technical editor James Huang spends a few months on the latest version of SRAM Rival and declares it the hands-down winner in the mid-price segment.
SRAM Rival has been a value leader since its introduction in 2006 but new trickle-down technology borrowed from Red has now made it even more so. In fact, if one were to run one against the other back-to-back blindfolded (not recommended outdoors!) it'd be difficult to tell the two apart.
The biggest changes are in the heavily revamped DoubleTap levers, which now bear Red's 10mm-longer brake lever blades (now upgraded to carbon fiber) and larger shift paddles along with the flagship's independently adjustable reach for both. Internally, the left-hand shifter gains the Zero Loss cable spool design and outer trim position (though at the loss of the inner ring position), again borrowed from Red. More...


Bianchi Hot Sheet...

It may be freezing cold outside but we have some super hot deals on closeout Bianchi complete bikes to keep you warm. You can check out complete parts and geometry spec's for the bikes listed below at www.bianchiusa.com/08_bicycles.html. Please give us a call if there is a bike on the list that you have questions about or you just can't live without!

08 BIANCHI B4P 928 CARB T-CUBE FORCE 59cm WHT was $5799.99 now $4059.99

08 BIANCHI B4P 928 CARB T-CUBE CHORUS 51cm was $5399.99 now $3779.99

08 BIANCHI B4P 1885 HYD-CARB VELOCE 59CM was $2099.99 now $1469.99

08 BIANCHI C2C 928 CARB KVID 105 55cm was $2199.99 now $1539.99

08 BIANCHI C2C NIRONE CARB VELOCE MX 55cm was $1899.99 now $1329.99

08 BIANCHI C2C NIRONE CARB 105 MX CT 57cm was $1449.99 now $1014.99

08 BIANCHI C2C NIRONE CARB 105 MX CT 59cm was $1449.99 now $1014.99

07 BIANCHI B4P 1885 CARB VELOCE 55cm was $1899.99 now $1199.99

07 BIANCHI EROS DONNA size 44 was $1299.99 on sale for $849.99

06 BIANCHI VIGORELLI 55cm RICH RED was $1699.99 now $1099.99


Team Columbia now rides Scott bikes

Cyclingnews.com has a feature on Mark Cavendish's new team bike, a Scott Addict. As pictured, the bike is set up for training; note the saddle bag, frame pump, and clincher wheels.

BBC is Birmingham's exclusive dealer of Scott bikes, both road and mountain; come by and check them out!

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