10 Speed for your MTB? Oh yeah!

The official launch of SRAM's upcoming XX 2x10 mountain bike is still a solid three months off but a pair of apparent spy photos that have recently surfaced online seemingly provide an early glimpse of what's to come.
Assuming the images are real, here's what we can tell:
SRAM has been experimenting with a mountain bike version of its DoubleTap single-lever shifter for some time now: a road version is already commercially available and we spotted a prototype dedicated MTB edition on a bike belonging to SRAM test honch Greg Herbold two years ago.
XX looks to finally bring the idea to fruition on dirt with a single lever that appears to incorporate a carbon paddle co-molded around an aluminum base. We can see no mechanism for adjusting the position of the lever a la X.0 but we'd be quite surprised if it really weren't included.
Otherwise, the body is distinctly X.0-like from what we can see (the top isn't visible) and the XX shifter apparently retains the familiar two-position aluminum clamp - and thus, the same MatchMaker compatibility. More...


New Product...Bonk Breakers.

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B.U.M.P. Receives $10,000 for Oak Mtn. State Park Trail

Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP)—Lake Trail, Oak Mountain State Park (Alabama)The Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP) will receive $10,000 to help build the Lake Trail in Oak Mountain State Park. Bikes Belong funds will leverage a Shelby County Grant for the project, helping BUMP to connect two sections of singletrack that are currently linked by a roadway while creating a 3-mile mountain-bike loop specifically for beginners. Oak Mountain State Park receives more than 500,000 visitors annually. More...