Tour De France Cyclists Make It Past Dreaded Underwater Stage!

FRANCE—Luxembourger Frank Schleck, a rider with the CSC team, emerged from the 182-kilometer underwater tunnel stage Monday triumphantly clad in a soaked yellow jersey after braving electric seaweed, underwater volcanoes, cyclist-trapping bubble fountains, carnivorous plants, man-eating fish, and electric eels. "These stages are always a pain," said a visually exhausted Schleck, who went on to complain about the stage's lack of turbo zones and power-ups. More...


Le Tour de France at le bike shop!

Every year in July we kick back at the shop and watch the Tour de France. This year is no exception, we will have the live broadcast on in the morning and have the re-broadcast on at lunch. Please stop by and crash on the couch, have a sandwich for the Big Blue Bagel and enjoy watching the worlds greatest race. Can't make it to the shop but still need your fix? Watch the coverage on Steephill.tv. There is a wide variety of links to the live day to day coverage  along with route profiles, weather, etc.