That's not a bike...this is a bike!

Mitch and Frank just finished their newest creation, a chopper bike with a car wheel on the rear and wait, it has gears! This is one you have to see in person to truly appreciate the workmanship. This creation has over 200 hours of work in it. Only the front wheel and crankset are store bought and unmodified. All other parts, including a very cool brake lever and brake setup, are handmade. Nice work guys!!!


Bob Strollers are Walter Approved!

Bob Joggers and Strollers are some the nicest on the market. Our most popular model is the Revolution, it allows Mom or Dad to unlock the front wheel and make it swivel for easier maneuvering in tight spots. Like all Bob products, it collapses very easily and can stand up to whatever your child throws at it. Walter here is showing just how relaxing a ride in a Bob stroller can be. BBC has access to the full line of Bob product so come by and we will be glad to help you out.


The Future of Bike Helmets?

Will this new helmet design change the attitude of bikers towards wearing helmets? It has become quite common to use a bicycle helmet when mountainbiking or road racing. There bikers prefers the functionality and safety and nobody looks puzzled any longer when somebody wears a helmets when mountainbiking or road racing.
That’s completely the opposite when people ride their City or Trekking bike. Here bike helmets have a bad image. The colours and shapes are ‘something you don’t want to be seen with’. Over the years countries that have implemented an obligation to wear a helmet when biking have shown a dramatic drop in the use of bicycles in the city and for commuting. More...


Bikers wear fruit shells to avoid helmet law.

KANO, Nigeria (Reuters) - Police in Nigeria have arrested scores of motorcycle taxi riders with dried fruit shells, paint pots or pieces of rubber tire tied to their heads with string to avoid a new law requiring them to wear helmets.
The regulations have caused chaos around Africa's most populous nation, with motorcyclists complaining helmets are too expensive and some passengers refusing to wear them fearing they will catch skin disease or be put under a black magic spell. More...

No real rivals for Rival!

Cyclingnews technical editor James Huang spends a few months on the latest version of SRAM Rival and declares it the hands-down winner in the mid-price segment.
SRAM Rival has been a value leader since its introduction in 2006 but new trickle-down technology borrowed from Red has now made it even more so. In fact, if one were to run one against the other back-to-back blindfolded (not recommended outdoors!) it'd be difficult to tell the two apart.
The biggest changes are in the heavily revamped DoubleTap levers, which now bear Red's 10mm-longer brake lever blades (now upgraded to carbon fiber) and larger shift paddles along with the flagship's independently adjustable reach for both. Internally, the left-hand shifter gains the Zero Loss cable spool design and outer trim position (though at the loss of the inner ring position), again borrowed from Red. More...


Bianchi Hot Sheet...

It may be freezing cold outside but we have some super hot deals on closeout Bianchi complete bikes to keep you warm. You can check out complete parts and geometry spec's for the bikes listed below at www.bianchiusa.com/08_bicycles.html. Please give us a call if there is a bike on the list that you have questions about or you just can't live without!

08 BIANCHI B4P 928 CARB T-CUBE FORCE 59cm WHT was $5799.99 now $4059.99

08 BIANCHI B4P 928 CARB T-CUBE CHORUS 51cm was $5399.99 now $3779.99

08 BIANCHI B4P 1885 HYD-CARB VELOCE 59CM was $2099.99 now $1469.99

08 BIANCHI C2C 928 CARB KVID 105 55cm was $2199.99 now $1539.99

08 BIANCHI C2C NIRONE CARB VELOCE MX 55cm was $1899.99 now $1329.99

08 BIANCHI C2C NIRONE CARB 105 MX CT 57cm was $1449.99 now $1014.99

08 BIANCHI C2C NIRONE CARB 105 MX CT 59cm was $1449.99 now $1014.99

07 BIANCHI B4P 1885 CARB VELOCE 55cm was $1899.99 now $1199.99

07 BIANCHI EROS DONNA size 44 was $1299.99 on sale for $849.99

06 BIANCHI VIGORELLI 55cm RICH RED was $1699.99 now $1099.99


Team Columbia now rides Scott bikes

Cyclingnews.com has a feature on Mark Cavendish's new team bike, a Scott Addict. As pictured, the bike is set up for training; note the saddle bag, frame pump, and clincher wheels.

BBC is Birmingham's exclusive dealer of Scott bikes, both road and mountain; come by and check them out!