Cycling Terms: Mix & Match

1. bus stop flop
2. invisible hill
3. knocking and pinging
4. PowerBarf
5. mountain goat
6. In the dining car
7. feeling the chain
8. bug gulp
9. interval
10. Lollipops
11. hammerfest
12. more yammerin’ than hammerin’
13. ironclad
14. “I’m at the end of a hard training session.”
15. spin and grin

a. Swallowing a flying insect whole, without chewing
b. Speedplay pedals
c. Having a fun time in a low gear
d. A steel bike
e. What happens when you fail to click out fast enough at a stop sign
f. A headwind
g. Superb climber
h. What you say when an MTB rips past you on a hill
i. A brutally fast ride or race
j. What you do when a dog in chasing you
k. What happens when that PowerBar doesn’t sit well
l. A good pull
m. Running out of energy on the uphill
n. An easy ride
o. Riding at the back of the pack

How well did you score?



Matt just picked up his new steel stead, a custom Waterford R-33. It is a 64cm frame built from True Temper S3 tubing. This allows a steel bike to be built as light as many carbon frames out there. Parts include SRAM Red group, Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork, and Thomson stem and post with Fizik Arione saddle. Wheels are hand built using Phil Wood hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro rims. What a nice ride!!!



Diane just rolled out on her new ride, a Look 586. It is decked out with SRAM's Red group, Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels, Vittoria tires, FSA bar and stem and Arundel carbon cages. Check out how clean the integrated seatmast is on the Look bikes. As pictured, the bike weighs under 16.5 lbs.


Who needs two wheels when one will do?

Just as Race Across AMerica 2008 is finishing, Ride the Lobster is underway with racers that must be from another galaxy. Well, maybe not from another galaxy; however they are taking riding a unicycle to a whole level. How about 800KM to be exact? If you are not very good with the metric system, that works out to be about 497 miles. That is a whole bunch of miles on one wheel and two knees – ouch.

If you would like to read more about it and sign up for next year’s race, be sure to check out their website at: Ride The Lobster.


Wooden Bikes?!

Wooden bicycles can be found all over the world. These handmade bikes are often larger-scale scooters that you sit on. Made with whatever wood can be found, they use small wooden home-made wheels covered with discarded rubber rims. Read more...


Scott 09 model info released

The 2009 line of Scott bikes will be arriving in a month. Changes for the model year include a revamped Plasma TT bike, the addition of a CX Addict and the introduction of the Genius FS trailbike.
The Genius frame utilizes Scott's "integrated molding process" which allows the company to basically produce a monocoque front end which allows for a lighter frame. The 09 Genius frame will weigh under five pounds for a medium frame, and have 150 mm of travel.
A women's specific Genius Contessa will also be available.
The Genius line will be Scott's first foray into the longer travel trailbike since returning to the American market in 2004.
Read more about the new model year here.


Toughest endurance event in the world

Every year since 1982, ultra-distance cyclists from around the world have attempted what is considered the toughest endurance event in the world. RAAM is basically a non-stop, continuous race in which cyclists ride as fast as they can for 3,000 miles. They cover about 30% more distance than the Tour de France in half the time, with no rest days.

This year the race goes from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. Teams usually cross the country in 6 to 9 days, while solo riders reach the finish line in 9 to 12 days. Of course, solo racers have the extra challenge of riding cross-country with only a few hours of sleep each night. Racers travel through 14 states with 100,000 ft. of elevation.

RAAM is underway now, so if you'd like to read more about it and stay on top of the action, be sure to visit the RAAM website.

Is BBC like the Kickstand shop?

Spend some time with the strip...some of it is pretty entertaining!
Click the strip for a link to the whole series.


$4 Gas and Bikes Are Made For Each Other!!

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