Cycling Terms: Mix & Match

1. bus stop flop
2. invisible hill
3. knocking and pinging
4. PowerBarf
5. mountain goat
6. In the dining car
7. feeling the chain
8. bug gulp
9. interval
10. Lollipops
11. hammerfest
12. more yammerin’ than hammerin’
13. ironclad
14. “I’m at the end of a hard training session.”
15. spin and grin

a. Swallowing a flying insect whole, without chewing
b. Speedplay pedals
c. Having a fun time in a low gear
d. A steel bike
e. What happens when you fail to click out fast enough at a stop sign
f. A headwind
g. Superb climber
h. What you say when an MTB rips past you on a hill
i. A brutally fast ride or race
j. What you do when a dog in chasing you
k. What happens when that PowerBar doesn’t sit well
l. A good pull
m. Running out of energy on the uphill
n. An easy ride
o. Riding at the back of the pack

How well did you score?


privateer said...

Not all mountain goats are billies.

Fixed Gear Steve said...

Good point!
I've changed it to mountain goat. How's that?