Something Cyclocross This Way Comes

Lately the temperature and humidity in Birmingham have both hovering in the mid 90s and making the afternoon rides downright unpleasant. Granted that hasn't stopped most of us from riding as hard as we can as often as we can, but it just seems to take some of the pleasure out of it.
All of the heat and humidity are making me really look forward to the arrival of cyclocross season. The schedule for the 2008 season has been released and BBC is sponsoring the opening race of the season on October 5th. The venue will be the same as last year's Homewood race.
Last year's race was an epic event with several carbon components left for dead on the course. There is little reason to doubt this year's course will be any easier on the super lightweight stuff.
Take some inspiration from the guys pictured here- the picture dates from the days before Tullio invented the quick release skewer. Steel and wool ruled the day.


brent said...

makes me think back to critiques of the homewood course by a so- called "cross expert". too many dismounts, too much this, too much that, not enough this. hell, the officials didn't even know what the rules were.

cross is three things -
1. riding your bike
2. carrying your bike
3. hurting like hell

The Sheriff said...

You're so right Brent: "Ride it, tote it, curse it, Repeat."

privateer said...

Carbon? Heck, Homewood claimed some steel:

If memory serves, there were exactly six dismounts on that course, even counting the (rideable) second log and the (rideable) second stream crossing.

Anonymous said...

Is that Wayne leading the charge up that hill?