Quiz Time

As the dog days of summer drag on, tempers have begun to fray like an eight year old brake cable. Cyclists are yelling at motorists, motorists are yelling at cyclists, cyclists are even yelling at each other. Things are just getting a bit crazy out there. Therefore, in the interest of public safety, as well as my own sanity, here's a lighthearted quiz for everyone.
1. When someone in the group yells "Car Back," the appropriate action to take is:
A) Drift into the path of the overtaking car while using your rear view mirror to make sure there really is a car approaching.
B) Stay the course. The road belongs to you as much as that #$!@& car.
C) Stop as quickly as possible so any cars in sight can go by unimpeded.
D) While communicating your actions to your fellow cyclists, get into a single file line and maintain a safe distance from the right hand edge of the road while allowing room for the motorist to pass the group, which he/she will hopefully do in a safe and courteous manner.
2. When you decide to move off the front of a paceline you should:
A) Accelerate several miles an hour and move over to the yellow line.
B) Nothing. The responsibility is on the second wheel to come around you.
C) Move out of the way to the right OR drift back and forth a bike width to the left. Either is acceptable.
D) Look left to make sure the lane is clear, flick your right elbow a few times, move a few bike
widths to the left and soft pedal as you move towards the back of the pack. Before moving
back into the paceline, be sure you are the last rider in the line.
3. The rider in this graphic is demonstrating:
A) His support for Florida State University.
B) His support for the Atlanta Braves.
C) Signals for "Look over there to the left," "Look up ahead at that," and "Watch out for the roadkill".
D) Signals for Left Turn, Right Turn and Slowing.
4. In a rotating paceline, if the right hand part of the group is moving at 23 miles per hour, the left hand part of the group should be moving at what speed:
A) Who knows, I don't like word problems.
B) 23 miles per hour as well.
C) 25 miles per hour.
D) 22 miles per hour.
The answer to each of the questions was D. Give yourself 25 points for each correct answer. Hopefully you made a 100%.
While this was a tongue in cheek little quiz which should have made you smile, please remember that we operate on the roads as a group and our collective safety is everyone's responsibility. If you aren't sure what to do in some situations, approach a more seasoned cyclist you respect and ask them what to do.


Ian said...

Thanks for posting this quiz. I think everyone can use a 'refresher' on proper technique while riding in a group.

--Big Pink

The Sheriff said...

Pink- did you pass?

Ian said...

You know this man!!! I may not have a lot of experience in pulling a group @ 23 mph...but I know what you are supposed to do!!

beardsarefun said...

Sheriff, nice sheriff star hubs as your profile pic. got any laying around?