The Future of Bike Helmets?

Will this new helmet design change the attitude of bikers towards wearing helmets? It has become quite common to use a bicycle helmet when mountainbiking or road racing. There bikers prefers the functionality and safety and nobody looks puzzled any longer when somebody wears a helmets when mountainbiking or road racing.
That’s completely the opposite when people ride their City or Trekking bike. Here bike helmets have a bad image. The colours and shapes are ‘something you don’t want to be seen with’. Over the years countries that have implemented an obligation to wear a helmet when biking have shown a dramatic drop in the use of bicycles in the city and for commuting. More...

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Russ said...

I would definitely give up biking if helmets were mandatory - even the one displayed. It looked intriguing at first glance until I saw the head strap, which would feel too much like being harnessed - a distraction that when coupled with a false sense of safety, would make having an accident more likely.

To me, the biking experience is about freedom while having minimal separation from the environment. A baseball cap is enough to filter out the negatives of sun or raindrops on the eyeballs.

Helmets are definitely appropriate for racers, mountain bikers, and developing humans. For the rest of us, helmets should be a matter of personal preference. Believe me, I value my head and thus ride my cruiser accordingly.