Killer White-tailed Deer Attacks Cyclist (True Story)!

Tuesday night I was doing a night road ride with 3 buddies. We were on Rex Lake approaching Grants Mill Rd. We were slowing for the intersection when we noticed a large buck running along beside us, 10-15 yards off to our right. I shined my light on him and said, "look at that big buck". Steve said, "wouldn't it be bad if he hit one of us?" and 10 seconds later I got ran over by a deer. This stupid animal came from my right, knocked me off my bike and popped my right forearm with one of his antlers (just a minor wound). After I hit the ground, I heard hooves slipping and sliding on pavement and as I looked around the deer was up on his hind legs with his front legs pawing in the air. Needless to say I freaked out and did my best to scramble off the road and out of his way. I can look back on this now and laugh because it is somewhat funny, but at the time I was panicking and totally freaking out.

Went to the doc the next day and got a tetanus shot and an antibiotic, no telling what was on the tips of his antlers before he punctured me.

I've seen them run along beside me many times in the past on the trail and on the road. Next time I see one running along with me I will be stopping abruptly.

Watch out for deer!

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