Dumonde Tech Lube is #1 at BBC.

We have been using and testing Dumonde Tech lubes in the shop for the last 4 months and have had extremely good results. We clean and remove any old lube from the chain and derailleurs with a strong industrial grease cutter and than apply the Dumonde Tech very sparingly. The result is absolutely remarkable, the drive train is almost silent and the lube lasts along time between applications. When the chain does get dirty you just wash it with soap and water and re-apply more Dumonde Tech.

Follow this link to find out more details: http://www.hgnr.com/hgnrbldtinfo2.pdf. A bottle Dumonde Tech will run $10.00 and is the perfect way to round out a new bike build or as an add on to a Tune Up ($60.00) and a Bike Wash and Detail ($25.00).

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