Alley Cat Prize List Addition

The Alley Cat is jumpin' and the prize list has just had a huge addition. Local fixed gear rider and messenger bag manufacturer Courtland Bibb has graciously offered a messenger bag to the quickest rider on a fixed gear.
Here's a link to a pic of one of his bags.
This prize will be for the straight best time on a fixed gear- no time bonuses will be added for extra coffee purchases. If you want this quality bag made right here in the 'ham- you're going to have to earn it.


privateer said...

A kid recently died in a Chicago alleycat:

So, you know, don't do anything stupid for that messenger bag.

The Sheriff said...

I heard about that. The story I read said he ran a red light and hoped/assumed/thought the cars would stop. An SUV didn't.
I'll be mentioning this story at the beginning of the alley cat and hope everyone pays attention.