So let it be written, so let it be done...

The Tres Cafés Alley Cat & Cookout has been scheduled for Saturday, March 8th. Mark your calendars boys and girls, this event will not be one to miss. Stops include the following independent coffee shops: Crestwood Coffee, Urban Standard and O'Henry's in Homewood.
Several people have been asking about the exact nature of an alleycat. Here is a description of the format. At registration, entrants get a playing card and a map with the location of the three coffee shops marked. The Le Mans start is scheduled for 11:00. Riders pick their own route. That's right. This is a thinking cyclist's event. Pick your poison. You can climb early or climb late, but you'll be climbing one way or the other. If you do this ride fixed, and the purists will, then gear selection may determine the winner. Using the playing card, entrants will sign in with the race volunteer at each stop. A coffee of the rider’s choice MUST be purchased at least one shop. Get it “to go” because you must bring the cup back to BBC. Time bonuses will be given for extra coffee purchases. The first rider back to BBC in each division wins. Awards three deep per division. Cookout to follow.
Full details are available in the race flyer, follow this link...www.bhambicycle.com/blogfiles/trescafeflyer.doc

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