Birmingham Bicycle League Season Opener!

A message from Darryl Seelhorst- "Well it's here! The BBL starts up on Saturday November 14th. We will kick off the ride from BBC at 9 am. Now you get to enjoy some great long, cold Fall and Winter rides along with my poor grammar and punctuation. This year Terry Duran, Brian Toone and I have really put some details into the rides. We have an all new point system that is weighted heavier for all category ride to be a threat overall. The higher your CAT ranking, the harder it is to win big points therefore a great day by a CAT 3 or 5 or an unranked rider could result in them taking the lead in the points series. We will also have "Attack Zone" dedicated to just the CAT 3,4,5 and unranked, it's you guys chance to battle it out! We will also have a Climber and Sprinters jersey to sport. Team Tria's web site will support all the details of the rides. From Brian's great maps of the rides and "Attack Zone's" to ride starts and points leaders etc... Again this year we will roll most of the rides from the Starbuck in Irondale at 9 am. Novembers rides are just a soft roll to explore new routes and easy into the some dynamics of group riding. We will began the points in December. Hopefully we will have all the "Attack Zones" marked and understood. This series is a lot more than any winter miles or points for winning. It's too grow the sport of "RIDING". We all love the outdoors and cycling is a love we can embrace though this community. We want all types of cyclist. Roadies, Tri Guy's, Newbies etc.. People who want to meet other people and learn to ride safely in groups. When I started riding four years ago, I couldn't hardly find anyone to ride with me and I was intimidated most of the group rides I found. Plus Jim Brock beat my eyes in the ground when I rode with him!!! This is everyones chance to learn and grow. And we all know riding in groups is much much safer than riding alone. So please find me emails of interest folks and forward to me or spread the word yourself.
This year already we have had Birmingham Bicycle Company (BBC) Birmingham Bicycle Company step up as a sponsor of our first ride. We will have over 500.00 of cycling gear to raffle off as well as free lunch. But BYOB your beer!"

More info at: http://www.bhamvelo.com/blog/?page_id=516!

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