Sloss Cross 2009

Thanks to all the fine folks that came out to the Sloss Cross at Sloss Furnace on Sunday November 8th. There was a great turn out, the racing was very fast and the weather was outstanding. Birmingham Bicycle Co. is still in a commanding lead in the team competition and Will Fyfe and Dave McNeil are a force onto themselves. You can check out pictures of the race from our awesome Jamis Bicycles rep, Margo Carroll, on Flickr . You should also go to http://www.bamacross.com/ for all the poop on cross racing here in Alabama and to get an up-date on your points standings!


Maaike said...

Of note, the women are strongly in the lead too!

megabeth said...

Hi, my name is Beth and I race for BBC. Nice to meet you!

WRENCH said...

The ladies of BBC Racing are killing it in the team comp, wish I could make it this weekend!!!!