Tour of Missouri - Stage 1

Rode moto 2 today. This (and Mavic 2) are the moto and car that cover breaks that go. Followed the 3 man break for most of the day. No services. The only real excitement was when we decided to trade some paint with Mavic 2. I thought I was about to get a matching set of bruised hips. But thanks to the mad skills of Rob Love (the moto driver), he kept it upright and me off the ground.

The break eventually got caught, which meant we moved ahead of the field and were deviated at the finish. The only downside to working Mavic is you don't get to see too many of the finishes. Since we were ahead of the peloton we didn't see any of the closing k's carnage.

Hip felt good, although, I didn't have to do any quick dismounts...

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