Tour of Missouri

Tour of Missouri...Working with Mavic again this year. Got into St. Louis on Saturday and went straight to work. First order of business was cleaning the old stickers off the Cosmic Ultimates so we could put the new stickers on.

Sunday was a casual breakfast at Union Station. Some of us decided to jump in and race the Giro della Montagna (Tour of the Hill - the Hill is an Italian neighborhood in St. Louis). This race has been going on for 20+ years and I raced it a few times in college. The course, however, was slightly different than when I raced it. The uphill finish was now down hill.

I decided to liven things up and took a flier about 18 minutes into the race. I managed to get a pretty good gap and got a shout out from the announcer. Unfortunately, I didn't take into account the bike/tire combination I wasn't familiar with and the ripples in the pavement in turn 1. Bam. Hit the deck. Took my free lap and jumped back in. Finished the lap with the pack.

Tomorrow will be the real test. Getting on and off the motto with a strawberry on the hip may make life interesting. More to come...

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