Tour of Missouri - Stage 2

Rode moto 1 today. This moto stays with the main peloton. It's a little more nerve racking since you are always on call (moto 2 you can ease a bit when the peloton is all together). Plus you have to watch out for riders and cars while they are feeding. It's pretty much a mad house at the back of the peloton.

I did make a couple of dismounts. Thor dropped a chain but had it back on and was under way by the time we got to him. Another rider had a flat that I was about to change, but his team car was there and took over. Pretty slow change and they had to fish the dead wheel out of the weeds down a pretty steep slope. I'm assuming they got it. If not someone ended up with a Dura-Ace carbon rear wheel as a souvenir.

Had a quick chat with Jens. He came up and asked if I would be holding the spare wheels all day. Told him I would and he made reference to me being the strongest man in the world. He was rolling along saying hay to the teams cars as he made his way back up to the peloton. A class act if there ever was one.

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